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By visiting this page, you have already shown us the most important characteristic that you have a very special passion for real estate! Whether you are a newcomer or an old professional in the real estate industry, you are welcome as a real estate associate partner of the Apex Realty Group. Benefit from our network and existing partners. Become part of a strong community and become a real estate Associate partner with us.

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Globalization, rapid market developments and permanent change have long since reached the real estate industry. Real estate agents and real estate companies pursue two different strategies on this subject: lone warrior vs team player! As a lone warrior, we of course wish you continued success and thank you for visiting our website.

Team player wanted among real estate agents

Wanted: leadership personality and professional competence paired with a passion for real estate. The important characteristics of becoming a real estate partner! We want to bring you closer to our world of real estate and inspire you to successfully realize your entrepreneurial spirit and your ambitions in the real estate industry as a real estate partner with us.


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House Wife
A House wife

I am a housewife leaving in mohali, punjab state as things were not working for me, when my Senior Real Estate partner, advised me to work as a part time associate with Apex Realty. Things has changed now. It was incredible I earned very handsome commission here. Thank God for this partnership and the connection.

- Vidya Sharma
Join as a freelancer in property business
Factory Manager

I used to be a factory manager earning 25,000 Rs per month. I started Real Estate partnership association with Apex Realty but didn’t run it until October 2022. I made my first sale with a commission of 1,20,000 Rs. That was five-month salary made part time. It was dream come true. I enjoy the time freedom.

- Anurag Pabby
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